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What are Hybrids?

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Tanis Helliwell

For decades I have been working with thousands of individuals through mentoring, counseling, and leading workshops. I am committed to assisting you in your spiritual transformation and I know that the tools and techniques that I have developed will help you.

Interview with Tanis Helliwell by Verena Deekan

Question: Tanis, I understand that you are giving a course on hybrids. How would you describe a hybrid?

Answer: I write about hybrids in my new book Decoding Your Destiny and I have been teaching about them for the last five years. This has evolved from my teaching on elementals as many people in those courses came because they felt they could be an elemental hybrid.

We can see hybrids in nature all the time. Nature is continuously producing hybrids. Take, for instance, Canada and the US arctic where there are two kinds of bears: the grizzly bear and the polar bear, which have mated and brought forth a hybrid bear that is fertile, thus creating a new kind of bear. Or take the bottlenose dolphin, as another example, which has mated with an orca creating a new species called the false orca, which is also fertile.

You could say this happened by accident. Or, likewise, you could say this happened consciously in nature and in evolution and that our Earth is continuously making new hybrids, because they have a certain purpose.

Question: You’ve explained the concept of hybrids in nature – but does this also hold true for humans?

Answer:  I think the hybrids that we witness come because there is a consciousness in nature that allows this to happen. Some of those hybrids are sterile, take a mule for instance that is parented by a horse and a donkey. Others, as we have seen, are fertile and start off a new species.

Even in early human history there have been hybrids. The Neaderthal man and Cro-magnon man mated and created hybrids. And I believe that there are far more hybrids than those we can witness in the 3rd-dimensional, the physical world. More hybrids are evolving.

For example, how can we really believe that all of nature and a being as complex as man started out as a one cell organism in a gaseous soup millions of years ago and that all the animals and diversity come from this. They have come because there is a consciousness behind evolution. Every being here on Earth is evolving to higher levels of evolution. And the driving force of this consciousness is Spirit, or the Creator, or Divine Mother, or God depending on what tradition you come from. There is a consciousness working behind what we see in nature.

Many individuals report encountering angels, UFO’s, elementals and other beings. It has become almost commonplace in our world to accept that these beings exist. All through history there have been myths about light beings, elementals and other conscious beings in nature. The Maoris speak of the children of the Mist and many others of the little people.

Just because not everyone sees them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are actually many people who do see them, and they do exist. And if angels, elementals and UFOs, to name a few, are here on this Earth, there might be other beings as well visiting Earth, interacting with humans, breeding with humans and creating hybrids.

The ancient Greeks said that dolphins are the people of the sea. This was 4000 years ago. Now with modern science we know that the brain of a dolphin is more complex than that of humans and that it has more weight per body mass than ours – both we take to be indicators of highly developed intelligence – and that the its flipper contains all the bones that are found in a human hand and arm. They are, indeed, the people of the sea. The dolphin hybrids developed from a physical body that evolved on two paths: on part stayed on land and developed into man as we know him and the other went into the sea and became the dolphins and the whales.

In the Mediterranean mermaids and mermen play a large role in the topic of hybrids. One of the oldest gods of the Sumerian civilization was named Oannes who was part fish part man. He brought civilization to humanity. And there are numerous other places where mermaids and mermen are known, for instance Scandinavia, where Hans Andersen even wrote a piece called the “Little Mermaid”.

And there are a lot of these kinds of myths. They are about dragons, unicorns, angels, elementals and selkies in the Celtic traditions of Ireland and Scotland to name but a few.

Just as grizzly and polar bear have interbred, is it not possible that humans and some of these other species could have created hybrid offspring—with the assistance of the supreme consciousness behind evolution. These hybrids could be living today looking completely like humans, behaving like them but at the same time feel different about themselves somehow alien. It is important now in our evolution that we open up this idea for examination. We need to reconcile ourselves with where we come from and embrace our strengths and weaknesses especially if we are of hybrid nature. We need to relate to what we are part of and see what specific contribution it is we could be making to the world.

I think that it is not enough to just look at the physical dimension and see the results of certain species here in the world.  We need to see the spiritual and consciousness that are behind evolution and how this affects humans as well.

Question: Have there always been hybrids here on Earth and are their numbers increasing?

Answer: People are becoming more aware because they are becoming more sensitive and reaching an ever higher spiritual frequency. We are guardians of the Earth engaged in co-creation with the spirit to create a healthy Earth.

It is essential that we understand this idea because humanity itself is engaged in creating hybrids. We are making Chinese pears by crossing an apple with a pear – and the result is delicious. But not all hybrids that we are creating are actually in alignment with the Earth. Some are not positive, long-term, desirable products. For example Monsanto specializes on creating hybrid seeds. They take fertile seeds that have grown all over the world. Seeds that are well-equipped to grow in their specific environment and that have sustained especially the small farmers from the poorer regions.

Monsanto and Dupont have taken control of the seed banks to genetically modify the seeds so that they are sterile. And one of the reasons they have done that is so that everyone is dependent on Monsanto and Dupont. We are fully able to live without a computer, or TV or air conditioner but we are just as surely not able to live without food.

And this is why Monsanto has been giving seeds to farmers in Africa. The farmers soon find that they are totally dependent and caught in a vicious cycle of debt, poverty and famine. What this amounts to is a kind of genocide.

The wheat we are all consuming now is genetically modified and scientists have found that it has a DNA that has never been seen before. It is a totally hybridized product and it causes diseases, as William Davis in his book “Wheat-Belly” has shown. More people are getting diabetes, arthritis or heart problems and allergies are building up in our bodies that are no longer able to digest the intake and the constant stress it causes in the body. And hybridized wheat is highly addictive, it has a higher sugar rush than pure household sugar.  

That is why we must engage in the topic of hybrids. If we humans with our little limited minds are able to genetically modify so many plants and animals, might we imagine, that there are higher beings than us who are creating hybrids.

Question:  When and how did you get involved with topic of hybrids?

Answer: I became aware of the importance of hybrids about 30 years ago when I first started working on information with regards to my book Decoding Your Destiny. At that time I became aware that pigs are hybrids that were genetically engineered in Atlantis by scientists.

Not long ago I did a workshop with doctors. And in the break they invited me to lunch and asked me, if there was something I did not eat. I said I ate no pork, which I am always hesitant about saying because this leads to my reason where I need to introduce the topic of Atlantis and people may feel a bit alienated. But one of the doctors turned to me and said: “Is it because a pig is closer to the human than any other animal.” When I answered, “yes” and she told me, that she was working with pigs and how they could be put to use for humans in medicine. For instance the skin of pigs is taken in case of severe burning for skin grafts, or their valves are used for heart transplantations. When people in dire straits are forced to eat human flesh they say it tastes like pork and it is reported that cannibals on eating pork says it tastes like long pig, their word for humans.

We have been engaged in creating hybrids a long time ago and we are doing it again. And we must work with spirit consciously in order to not create monstrosities.

Question: How does our knowledge about hybrids help in daily life?

 Answer: If we understand hybrid evolution and where we came before our current human evolution on Earth we will use our strengths in a positive way.

Dolphins-human hybrids, for example, may have been in dolphin evolution in the ocean for many thousand years before they re-entered human evolution on the land. This means that they will always be a bit different than humans who evolved on the land. The quality of the dolphin-hybrid is deep listening in order to know the essence of things and to sense the rightness of the other. Also dolphins are very sensuous and sexual. They engage in sex and play all the time. This may also be true of dolphin-human hybrids who are very sexual beings and like things to do with touching. Dolphin-human hybrids might also be attracted to water and swimming. And they may have an affinity to whales and dolphins, protecting them or leading expeditions.

Some individuals are hybrids of elemental evolution. There are very different elemental types. For instance, there are people who are like elves, they are physically beautiful and tallish and often drawn to the arts. Many actors are of elves ancestry like Kate Blanchet or Orlando Blum. Often these people dance and others sing beautifully.

Some elementals are more crafts-oriented. Leprechaun hybrids, for example, work with leather and pottery. Elementals are attracted to beauty and joy. They can be easily addicted because they love stimulation. They love sex and they are amoral, because they don’t see any problem having sex with different people. Their laws differ slightly from the human’s code of conduct and that sometimes brings them in trouble.

Some people also come from outside of Earth evolution such as from Sirius, the Pleiades or other solar systems. The ancient Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris were said to have come from Sirius and to have brought the cultivation of grains and wine to the Earth.

Understanding where we come from gives us more solidity on the Earth, more commitment to being here and to serving a purpose in its evolution. It helps us understand that we all have a role to play here.

There are many more individuals that are hybrids than we would have guessed. We learn about them as soon as we allow the possibility of human hybrids from other evolutions to exist. There are many interesting aspects and questions to be dealt with: how do you deal with a hybrid husband, a hybrid child.

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