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Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose


Paperback $15.00 |  Kindle $9.99

> Who am I?

> Why am I here?

> What is my Purpose?

If you are seeking answers to these questions, then you are poised to discover your Soul’s purpose—to manifest a life of meaning, peace and joy for yourself.

Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose provides practical and life-enhancing exercises to help you increase energy in your Seven Chakras, enhance your gifts and achieve your goals, as well as:

  • Reprogram Yourself for Success
  • Increase Your Life Energy
  • Cultivate People Who Feed Your Soul
  • Live in Harmony with Natural Cycles
  • Activate Your Intuition
  • Walk the Path of Love, Wisdom and Will

This book is the recommended reading for our self-study courses, Transform Yourself and Transform Your Work.

Praise for Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose:

“The author has a great depth of knowledge but also real modern human interaction experience. If humans had a glove compartment, this should be the mandatory owner’s manual.”

Todd L. Strobel, customer

A short talk about the book:

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Tanis Helliwell

Spiritual transformation is a deep process requiring your entire being. This is not for the faint of heart. For decades I have been working with thousands of individuals through mentoring, counseling, and leading workshops at Buddhist, Christian, and New Age Centers worldwide. I am committed to assisting you in your spiritual transformation and I know that the tools and techniques that I have developed will help you.

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