Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose

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THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR LIFE AND WORK Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose will assist you to balance your life by discovering and acting upon your soul’s needs and by finding more meaning in your work. It is a “how to” book that gives you the tools and techniques I’ve found work best to develop your potential in your life and work. But it’s more than that. This book also grapples with the issues arising globally concerning the deep need to heal ourselves, our relationships with others and our world. In that sense, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose is also a “why to” book.

  • Reprogram Yourself for Success
  • Increase Your Life Energy
  • Master the Material World
  • Cultivate People who Feed Your Soul
  • Live in Harmony with Natural Cycles
  • Activate Your Intuition
  • Walk the Path of Heart

This book is the recommended reading for our self-study courses, Transform Yourself and Transform Your Work.

Praise for Manifest Your Soul's Purpose:

“The author has a great depth of knowledge but also real modern human interaction experience. If humans had a glove compartment, this should be the mandatory owner’s manual.” —Todd L. Strobel, customer


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