Keys to flowing with the craic

  1. Do not resist. Resistance is futile.
  2. Open yourself fully and embrace the lessons of the Craic.
  3. To recognize the lessons of the Craic, observe your stuck places where you feel angry, self-pitying, frustrated, blaming.
  4. Experiences with the Criac never end. When you have learned one lesson, another lesson will be presented for you to learn.
  5. Do not pass the buck. If you are triggered, you have something to learn.
  6. Take a moment to celebrate the teachers of good Craic. You’re lucky to know them.
  7. The Craic comes in many guises. Light Craic is amusing, while dark Craic is provoking, and the two often come in the same package.
  8. Try humour when in doubt of your best approach.
  9. When humour does not work, become non-attached to the outcome and accept “what is”.
  10. Enjoy your life in the present moment. Trying to escape to the past or future will only tie you in a tighter knot.

Feelin’ confused? The Craic is explained in the books written by Tanis and meself – take a gander HERE.