The High Beings of Hawaii

The High Beings of Hawaii, a new book from Tanis Helliwell

Available in paperback and on Kindle:

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This Hawaiian vacation turns into a humorous, heart-opening odyssey that is alive with beings from other dimensions.

Join Tanis’ adventure to meet seldom-seen beings of various races that dwell in volcanoes, misty forests and roaring seas. Discover the meaning behind our interconnected ancestral lineage. Receive practical tools from these physical and spiritual ancestors to heal the wounds in your life, in the lives of others and ultimately to help heal our wounded Earth. Walk with the author along this meaningful path and you could develop a deep, intimate relationship with your own ancestors, elementals and mystical kin.

  • Paperback $15.00  Kindle $9.99

Praise for High Beings:

“Tanis offers our Hawaiian ancestors the opportunity to speak to more people through her experiences with them and does this with humor and honor and captures their essence in her story.” 

Kimokeo Kapahulehua, founder of Kimokeo Foundation preserving Native Hawaiian Culture


“A mystic and great storyteller, Tanis Helliwell … in describing her adventures on the Hawaiian Islands, captures the essence of what spiritual ancestors are all about. She weaves fascinating and enchanting tales of how she met the various old ones that reside there.  You’ll be charmed and entertained as you read this book.”

Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Healing Ancestral Karma and Earth Magic