Ancestor & Family Healing

Our biological and spiritual ancestors are calling us to heal inherited patterns in our blood and spiritual lineage. Learn how our ancestors influence our lives today and how we can contact them for healing. This course will help you in your journey to self-healing. Are you searching for healing from pain caused by past events? Are you or your family experiencing trauma stemming from previous Read More

Transform Yourself

To become conscious, we must develop spiritual intelligence and undergo a deep spiritual transformation. We need to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us, and unite our personality with our soul’s purpose. Learn how in this self-study ecourse. Has a life change got you looking for a life-changing experience? Are you struggling with your purpose or mission in life? Have you asked Read More

Fear Transformed

A powerful program that moves you from fear to love. Is fear controlling your life? Recognize the signs and get the guidance you need along the journey. You deserve to be happy! Are your fears holding you back? Are you a slave to the negative effects of your past and worries about the future? Sign up for the challenges that life presents – build an authentic brave heart! This new Read More

Spiritual Transformation

Increase your compassion and joy! Are you feeling restless or dissatisfied? Are you tired of the struggle? Are blame and shame ruling your inner and outer world? It might be time to give yourself a new perspective. You may be going through a spiritual transformation. Are you going through a spiritual transformation? A spiritual transformation is a journey that unites our personality with our soul’s purpose, Read More

Transform Your Work

This ecourse helps you develop your spiritual intelligence (SQ). Bring your soul to work to achieve your life purpose, improve your relationships, have a happier work environment and have greater peace and joy. Are you working to live or living to work? Do you leave your heart on the couch when you head off to your job? Are you looking for more fulfillment or meaning Read More