Good Morning Henry

**NEW!** Available in paperback and on Kindle: Learn to work with your body intelligence to heal deep-rooted physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. We are at a time of great change, a time when the old ‘normal’ has disappeared. The great transition that we are undergoing collectively is a dark night of the soul. It’s a time when the anchors of our life are ripped away Read More

The High Beings of Hawaii

Available in paperback and on Kindle: This Hawaiian vacation turns into a humorous, heart-opening odyssey that is alive with beings from other dimensions. Join Tanis’ adventure to meet seldom-seen beings of various races that dwell in volcanoes, misty forests and roaring seas. Discover the meaning behind our interconnected ancestral lineage. Receive practical tools from these physical and spiritual ancestors to heal the wounds in your Read More


Available in paperback and on Kindle: GROUNDBREAKING NEW WORK Myths, religions and archeological discoveries around the world discuss the presence of intelligent non-human beings who have interbred with humans creating hybrids. Tanis Helliwell offers convincing evidence about the existence of 22 different human-hybrids (elementals, angels, dolphins, giants, dragons, centaurs, pan and many others). People who discover they are hybrids report feeling more authentically themselves—more energized, Read More

Summer with the Leprechauns

Available in paperback and on Kindle:   THE AUTHORIZED EDITION This charming new version includes additional material and captures Lloyd the Leprechaun’s original voice. An Irish Jewel, far more than a fairy tale. A good humored, true account of Tanis’ summer in a cottage in Ireland where the resident leprechaun taught her about the evolution of elementals (fairies, elves, leprechauns). In the author’s re-edited and Read More

Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns

Available in paperback and on Kindle: A TRUE STORY OF A MYSTICAL TOUR OF IRELAND This book by Tanis Helliwell is a romp to the sacred sites of Ireland accompanied by a leprechaun who is helping Tanis and her thirty fellow pilgrims face their blind spots. They have a topsy-turvy encounter with the mischievous, wise humour that the Irish call “The Craic.” “The Craic cannot Read More

Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose

Available in paperback and on Kindle:   THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR LIFE AND WORK Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose will assist you to balance your life by discovering and acting upon your soul’s needs and by finding more meaning in your work. It is a “how to” book that gives you the tools and techniques I’ve found work best to develop your potential in your life Read More

Decoding Your Destiny

Available in paperback and on Kindle:   KEYS TO HUMANITY’S SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION Fulfill your spiritual destiny and become a conscious creator! Decoding Your Destiny is a road map for humanity. This book contains what you need to prepare for the transformation of the world as we know it and to embrace the new reality. Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where are Read More

Embraced by Love

Available in paperback and on Kindle:   POEMS BY TANIS HELLIWELL Tanis Helliwell’s poetry evokes the mystery of spirit in its beautiful forms—be it lovers, beloved friends, nature, or God. A term sometimes used to describe this kind of poetry is ‘sacred poetry’ because it contains teaching lessons that assist us in our spiritual transformation. Reminiscent of the witty and intimate teachings of Hafiz and Read More