Writing – A Way of Life

One of my publishers asked me to respond to their questions about why I write books and I thought I would share this with you, my dear readers, as many of you often ask me these questions. Hopefully you will find yourself inspired to write if you do not do so already.  By Tanis Helliwell Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? When Read More

A Pilgrim’s Heart, Leprechauns and the Craic

By Tanis Helliwell Some years ago I lived in an old cottage in the village of Keel on the west coast of Ireland. I shared the Crumpaun Cottage with a leprechaun and his family who had lived there for a very long time. I shared the cottage with a leprechaun and his family who had lived there for a very long time. The leprechaun befriended Read More

Message from the Ancestors and Elementals of Hawaii

By Tanis Helliwell  Message from the Ancestors A short time ago I had the good fortune to be in Oahu and to visit many of the ancient Hawaiian sites. The ancestors of King Kamehameha 111and Queen Kalama of Hawaii had a message for us that they asked me to share. They said that “Now in Hawaii and all around the world the guardians of sacred Read More

Nature Spirits: A Message from Haida Gwai in Canada

By Tanis Helliwell “As some of you know my work is to travel round the world and meet with elementals in all countries who want to work as equal partners with humans. Our group contains elves, brownies, trolls, devas, goblins and other various kinds. When Tanis and I teach an elemental workshop she and I help humans and elementals to form partnerships. Many humans who Read More

The Heart-Body-Spirit Connection

By Tanis Helliwell For three years I have been teaching a course in Zurich, Switzerland called Spiritual-Body Psychotherapy for psychiatrists, physicians and healing practitioners in various disciples. Spiritual-Body Psychotherapy involves working with our body consciousness, which I refer to as the body elemental, to determine the underlying spiritual causes of illness and less than optimum health. In this work we have discovered that the heart Read More