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by Tanis Helliwell

Here you can buy Tanis’ most recent titles, such as The Dragon’s Tale, The Leprechaun’s Story, Good Morning Henry: An In-Depth Journey With the Body Intelligence, plus The High Beings of Hawaii: Encounters with mystical ancestors, Hybrids: So you think you are human, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose as well as the perennial favourite classics Summer with the Leprechauns and Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, in paperback or for Kindle.

Tanis’s books are also available in 10 other languages here.

The Dragon’s Tale

Dragons have been working with our world for eons. Now, these wise teachers have returned once more to tell us of their world and to help us expand our consciousness to meet them ourselves. Discover if you, too, have a connection with dragons and the dragon world.

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The Leprechaun's Story: As told by Lloyd to Tanis Helliwell

The Leprechaun’s Story

Join Lloyd as he recounts his childhood, courting and handfasting, an Irish wake, and how he ‘got the gold’ and meet his emancipated lass and non-conformist son. Great good humor rolls through his story interlaced with wisdom about how he and other elementals want to partner with humans to create a wonderful world.

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Good Morning Henry

We are at a time of great change, a time when the old ‘normal’ has disappeared. To come out of the dark night of the soul we need a new set of values, which are life-sustaining and based on love and health of all beings. Learn to work with your body intelligence to heal deep-rooted physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

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The High Beings of Hawaii

This Hawaiian vacation turns into a humorous, heart-opening odyssey that is alive with beings from other dimensions. Join Tanis’ adventure to meet seldom-seen beings of various races that dwell in volcanoes, misty forests and roaring seas. Receive practical tools from these physical and spiritual ancestors to heal the wounds in your life, in the lives of others and ultimately to help heal our wounded Earth.

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Tanis is, with Hybrids, once again at the forefront of an entire new genre of investigation. Myths, religions and archeological discoveries around the world discuss the presence of intelligent non-human beings who have interbred with humans creating hybrids. Tanis Helliwell offers convincing evidence about the existence of 22 different human-hybrids (elementals, angels, dolphins, giants, dragons, centaurs, pan and many others).

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Summer with the Leprechauns

An astonishing true story about Tanis’s journey to Ireland where she lived in a cottage with leprechauns. These seldom-seen beings taught her about the evolution of elementals – the race to which leprechauns, faeries, elves, trolls belong. They explained the importance of humans and elementals working together for the betterment of both of their races and the Earth.

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Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns

Tanis’s book is chock full of information about nature spirits or elementals, as they like to call themselves. For anyone planning a trip to the sacred sites of Ireland, or to Ireland itself for that matter, this book abounds in nuggets as precious as the pot of gold that the Leprechaun holds at the end of the rainbow.

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Decoding Your Destiny

Decoding Your Destiny is a road map for humanity. This book contains what you need to prepare for the transformation of the world as we know it and to embrace the new reality. This guidebook for spiritual transformation has exercises you can apply in your life right now.

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Embraced by Love

Reminiscent of the witty and intimate teachings of Hafiz and Rumi and the celebration of love and life found in the words of Pablo Neruda and Mary Oliver, Embraced by Love urges us to wake up and love in all the forms that love takes.

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