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Valuable audio teachings and visualizations focused on healing and transforming ourselves, our communities and our Earth.

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About Elementals

Learn how to work with elementals such as leprechauns and faeries, and help to birth the new age of conscious evolution on Earth.

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You are not alone in your spiritual journey. Feel connected, inspired, and seen. There are great beings, your spiritual ancestors, who work with your soul and have overseen your evolution on Earth through many incarnations. Your spiritual ancestors want to help you to heal your wounds, as by doing so, you heal the wounds of humanity. This is the path to enlightenment.

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“Exciting, deepening, refreshing. Tanis Helliwell is a remarkable co-creator on the world stage.”
Nancy E. Lamb, DML, MBA Professor, University of Massachusetts

“Not for the faint of heart. Those called will find unequivocal purpose and healing with Tanis Helliwell.”
–S. Schramm, Canadian First Secretary and Consul to El Salvador