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Good Morning Henry is not just inspiring but is also a highly useful book, rooted in the body, the earth and in everyday life…Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, Good Morning Henry will help you to take the next step.”

Richard Rudd, author Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA

We are at a time of great change, a time when the old ‘normal’ has disappeared. The great transition that we are undergoing collectively is a dark night of the soul. To come out of the dark night we need a new set of values, which are life-sustaining and based on love and health of all beings.

Tanis Helliwell

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“Those called will find unequivocal purpose and healing with Tanis Helliwell.”

S. Schramm, Canadian First Secretary and Consul to El Salvador

Audio teachings

Valuable audio teachings and visualizations focused on healing and transforming ourselves, our communities and our Earth.

About Elementals

Learn how to work with elementals such as leprechauns and faeries, and help to birth the new age of conscious evolution on Earth.

Ancestor & Family Healing Self-Study

Take this course at your own pace.

Do you feel alone or not fully alive? Do you feel disconnected  from your potential, a feeling that you have to hide parts of yourself? You may have a self-limiting pattern inherited from your family.

Begin now to erase these dark family secrets and patterns both backwards (healing your ancestors) and forwards in time, so that you don’t pass these harmful patterns on to your descendants. Understanding leads to forgiveness, leads to compassion leads to freedom. Create the life you were always meant to have. 

Author, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor

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