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“Absolutely fascinating! I have loved all of Tanis’ books but this one is my favorite. The amount of information about elementals and Leprechauns is lovely. Hearing Lloyd’s words and learning about his life, family and traditions is a gift. … If you have any interest in Ireland or elementals you must read this!”

Patricia B., happy customer

We are at a time of great change, a time when the old ‘normal’ has disappeared. The great transition that we are undergoing collectively is a dark night of the soul. To come out of the dark night we need a new set of values, which are life-sustaining and based on love and health of all beings.


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I flew down to Colorado a few months ago to speak as a guest on Regina Meredith’s GaiaTV series “Open Minds.” It was a very lively interview with Regina, as always. We spoke extensively about both the elemental world and my friend Lloyd’s autobiography, The Leprechaun’s Story, PLUS we made a short detour into my newest book The Dragon’s Tale, and what the dragon’s are wanting us to know about their involvement with humanity and the Earth.

The video is available on Gaia, which is a paid service. However, they offer a free 1-week trial with which you may watch my debut on Gaia TV. 


The Dragon's Tale

Dragons have been working with our world for eons. Now, these wise teachers have returned once more to tell us of their world and to help us expand our consciousness to meet them ourselves.

Tanis Helliwell, who introduced us to elementals in her classic Summer with the Leprechauns, and to the 22 races connected to human evolution in Hybrids: So You Think You Are Human, invites you on a wonderful journey to the dragon world.

Both e-book and paperback editions are now available for purchase on Amazon!


Earth Our Home is a brand new self-study course. It gives you a solid foundation in our relationships with our Earth’s minerals, plants, trees, birds, and animals. Nature Spirits Self-Study introduces you to the elementals, without whom there would be no life on our beautiful Earth. Both of them together offer a complete healing and consciousness package. Purchase them both together and save $100!

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“I absolutely loved [The Dragon’s Tale]! It is a ‘must read’ for anyone feeling a curiosity or a kinship with dragons. A literal bridge that creates connections to their realms.”

Duncan Roads, NEXUS Magazine

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Learn how to work with elementals such as leprechauns and faeries, and help to birth the new age of conscious evolution on Earth.

Author, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor